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Connectors turning


SadevTEQ is a key player in the supply of high precision turned parts for connectors, cable & other electronics assemblies.


Starting from 0.5 mm (.020’’)

Quantity pièces décolletage

From 500 pieces

Matière de production

Copper alloys, brass, stainless steel

Parts that meet your precise specifications

To assure the parts we deliver are completely aligned with the exacting requirements for connectors, cable & other electronics assemblies, SadevTEQ and its production partners are equipped with the latest machining and quality control technologies, combined with a unique level of experience across such sectors as military, aerospace, RF / microwave, medical & PCB testing.

Diameters: starting from 0.5 mm ( .020’’)

Quantities: from 500 pieces


    • Copper alloys : brass, lead-free brass, beryllium copper C173, tellurium copper C145, phosphor bronze CDA 54400, leaded nickel copper C97.
    • Stainless steel : AISI 303 / AISI 304 / AISI 316 / AISI 316 L.
    • Plastics : POM & PEEK.
    • New materials in development : Kovar & Alloy 52.

Processes: traditional cam machines, CNC and Escomatics.

Surface treatments and finishes :

    • surface treatments: nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating.
    • heat treatments: annealing, hardening and passivation
    • finishes: tribofinishing, sandblasting and deburring, 100% inspection if necessary

The know-how of SadevTEQ about cables and connectors parts

The market for connectors & electronics, as an advanced technology, requires very high precision to ensure a perfect compliance in all machining and assembly operations. SadevTEQ has been involved in the connectors industry for many years, complemented by our ISO 9001:2015 certification to meet high demanding requirements.
Among the types of parts we offer are contact pins, contact sockets, receptacles, plungers , ferrules, threaded jackscrews, shells and nuts.

décoltage pieces connéctique

Experience in high precision screw machining

Our company specializes in precision screw-machining, offering a wide range of micro-turning solutions for the manufacture of electronics assemblies. Our production partners machine all copper alloys, as well as stainless steel and plastics, at high speed and with maximum precision, guaranteeing impeccable quality.
SadevTEQ is committed to supplying best quality parts for your assemblies The excellence of our work in precision turning ensures a constant flow and optimum performance for your applications. With our expertise, your projects will benefit from unrivalled efficiency and durability.

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