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A higher standard of quality for high precision turned parts

Quality is a top priority at SadevTEQ and through our full control of every step in the manufacturing process, we are able to monitor, measure and improve upon every element of our business that contributes to customer satisfaction.


A reliable network

Our network is built according to clearly defined criteria, specifying quantifiable goals in terms of organization, machine technology, type of materials processed, production capacity, lead times, etc. The outcome is an optimal service rate that makes a positive difference to our customers.

A high-performing team

With SadevTEQ, you benefit from working with knowledgeable and professional staff across each part of the company. Yet even with our people’s in-depth experience, we are constantly striving to improve. We implement ongoing training for all our teams, allocate significant resources to quality control and maintain close working relationships with our partners.


A certified company

Our commitment to providing our customers with the confidence that their most demanding requirements will be met is reinforced through our ISO 9001:2015 and NF EN 9120:2018 certifications. These certifications demonstrate our focus on continuously improving our organization by monitoring processes, tracking associated indicators, and implementing ongoing corrective actions. You can also download our TÜV certificates here.

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Traceability and informed control

By implementing quality controls from the beginning to the end of our manufacturing process, SadevTEQ guarantees the conformity of your parts:




  • Validation of customer drawings by our technical department, in conjunction with our partners



  • Industrialization and validation of new products with initial samples that incorporate any specific requests from our customers.
  • Production monitoring ranges are developed with our partners and customers to ensure optimal quality and complete traceability of measurements.



  • Systematic supply of the certificate of conformity, material certificate and complete inspection report for all dimensions on the drawing.
  • In-house acceptance testing according to our procedure and/or specific customer requirements.

All our checking equipment is calibrated every year to guarantee the accuracy of our measurements.

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