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SadevTEQ, what does that actually mean?


Formerly known as Sadev Décolletage, the company changed its name in 2015 to SadevTEQ. But what does SadevTEQ really mean? The reason for keeping the name Sadev is to create continuity with the company’s history. SadevTEQ better reflects the multiple skills offered by our brand, emphasising precision and control. It should be noted that 70% of our turnover comes from exports, hence the importance of choosing a name that can be understood on an international scale.

As far as our logo is concerned, the change from blue to red is motivated by the desire to instil greater dynamism and power. Red, associated with energy, power and excitement, symbolises the closeness between our team, our production partners and our customers. White and black are added to the red to maintain consistency with the brand’s history.

The letters ‘S’ and ‘E’ cut through part of the letters ‘A’ and ‘D’ respectively, symbolising the removal of material in the screw-machining industry. As for the ‘Q’, it takes the form of a magnifying glass to evoke meticulous sourcing, demonstrating our constant commitment to finding quality production partners to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements.

The red circles in the logo have specific meanings: the largest represents the international dimension of the company and emphasises ‘TEQ’ as well as the technical expertise of our team. The second highlights the magnifying glass and the 360-degree know-how of our partners.

On closer inspection, a white border runs along the ‘v’ in ‘Sadev’ and combined with the ‘t’ in ‘TEQ’, forms a figure reminiscent of the letter Pi ‘π’, once again highlighting our technical capabilities in the service of our customers. Around the magnifying glass, an inverted ‘C’, inspired by the Chanel brand, underlines our high-end positioning as a supplier of screw-machining parts.

Redesign in sight: a new era for our website

It is with great excitement that we announce the forthcoming redesign of our website, an initiative designed to deliver an even more exceptional user experience.

One of the main motivations behind the redesign is to improve the ergonomics and navigation of our site. A new, more intuitive interface enables users to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Design is also at the heart of this transformation. We have worked on a modern and attractive aesthetic, in line with current trends. We’ve used harmonious colours, legible fonts and striking images to create a captivating visual experience.

We can’t wait to unveil our new website, which we’ve been working on for several months, and we can’t wait to share this enhanced experience with you!

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