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The Art of Screw machining: When Precision Becomes Crucial with SadevTEQ


Screw machining is a technique for manufacturing mechanical parts where precision is paramount. It is essential to the manufacture of components for a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, connector, electrical, construction, hydraulics and many others. There are currently more than a dozen fields that benefit from this technique. In what follows, we explore the fascinating world of screw machining, highlighting the vital importance of precision in the design of quality parts.

Understanding high precision turned parts with SadevTEQ

The production of various parts (screws, nuts, axles, etc.) from a single metal bar is known as screw machining. The bar is machined by removing material with a cutting tool. These parts can be produced in small, medium or large series on conventional or numerically controlled automatic lathes.

The primary objective is to achieve extremely high precision and productivity while reducing waste and producing as little swarf as possible.

Swarf is the small amount of material left over after machining on various types of machines. It can be made from different materials such as metal or even plastic.

The person who makes this type of part is known as a screw machine operator.

Precision, an imperative for SadevTEQ

At the heart of high precision turned parts is the absolute need for accuracy. The parts produced often have to fit into complex systems where the slightest deviation can affect the proper functioning of the whole. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, medical or electronics industries, the precision of turned components is key to performance and reliability.

Achieving this precision requires the use of high-quality screw cutting machines, adapted cutting tools and advanced machining techniques, as well as experienced setters. In addition, rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process is essential to ensure that parts meet specified tolerances. The importance of accuracy in precision turned parts with tight tolerances guarantees the reliability and safety of the end product, which is essential in industries where quality is paramount.

Technological advances

Constant technological advances have revolutionised screw machining. Modern machines are equipped with numerical controls that allow minute adjustments, guaranteeing unrivalled precision. The combination of human expertise and technology paves the way for parts of exceptional quality that meet the most demanding standards.

Impact on industries

The importance of precision turning is felt in all industries that rely on mechanical parts. In aerospace, every screw and bolt contributes to flight safety. In the medical industry, the reliability of equipment depends on precisely machined components. The smallest failure can have significant consequences.

The resulting components are becoming the invisible but indispensable pillars of our modern world. The commitment to precision turned parts is a guarantee of quality, reliability and performance that will play a key role in shaping the future of various industries.

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